Shrimp Farm 2

Round 2!

Free Shrimp Via EthVerifyETHVERIFY
  • ? Total Cargo Value:
  • ? En Route To:


Left until final delivery


Shrimp Hack

(Claim the Eth Pot! One hour is added to the timer (max 3 days), you win when it runs out!)

? Shrimp

Producing ? eggs per hour


0 Eggs

(if you sell or hatch, hatching is put on up to 6hr cooldown. Reduce cooldown by buying eggs.)

? until hatchery is full

You have ? Eggs

? would sell for ?



Shrimp Eggs for:


Buying these eggs will reduce your hatch cooldown by


Buy at least ? eggs for an automatic free Shrimp Hack!

You have ? VRF

Get VRF:




Shrimp Eggs for:


New  Round 2!

BREAKING NEWS The fully automated SS Shrimpalicious has found the motherlode. The rarest shrimp imaginable, worth enough to collapse the market entirely (The pot winner gets all Eth in the contract, and the game ends).

But its true ownership is in question. Opportunistic shrimpers now seek to exploit the ship's simple robot mind by releasing their own shrimp to lure the vessel to their location.

Shrimp, Enhanced!

Shrimp Farm 2 is the classic formula of Ether Shrimp Farm, improved in every way!

  • More free shrimp, no bots! Sign up with Eth Verify to get started with free shrimp, without worry that bots will claim them all!
  • Hatch cooldown! There is now a cooldown on hatching eggs, so everyone can compete on an equal playing field without constantly sending transactions.
  • New pot mechanic! 20% the value of shrimp sold are set aside for the prize pot, won by the first person to run down the timer. The pot is claimed by sacrificing an amount of hatchery shrimp equal to 1% of all shrimp in existence, which adds 1 hour to the timer. This removes shrimp from the game, cutting back on hypershrimpflation! Not only does the winner claim the amount set aside, but also all eth in the contract, ending the current game. At this point the contract will be redeployed with helpful balance changes.

Round 2 patch notes:
  • Shrimp Hack now only adds one hour to timer instead of a full reset
  • Buying an amount of eggs at least equal to the number of shrimp needed for a shrimp hack gets you a free Shrimp Hack
  • Buying eggs reduces your hatch cooldown by an amount proportional to how many you buy
  • Free shrimp is now 0.25% contract balance, maximum 0.01 eth (previously 1%,0.05)
  • Free shrimp are delivered directly, instead of as eggs (cannot immediately cash out now)
  • VRF presale is capped to 1k eggs per person (now requires verification)

Base rules:

The more shrimp you have, the more eggs they lay (each shrimp lays at rate of 1 per day). Hatch more shrimp with your eggs to multiply your production, or cash them out for Ethereum!

Automated Market

Shrimp Farm 2 features a high tech automated market that lets you instantly buy or sell shrimp eggs with a single transaction. Driven by supply and demand, the price automatically adjusts as players trade. Likewise, there are trading platforms that let you buy, sell and trade various cryptocurrencies flawlessly. You can carry out the test and consider the trading apps opinion from the users to choose the best one for your needs.

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Earn 15% the number of all eggs hatched by anyone who hatches eggs while using your link: ?

Powered by Metamask

This game requires Metamask